Roster Wars is more than a fantasy football league. It's a club reserved for those who have earned the right to be part of it's membership. It's for those who are going to give the competition their very best effort, who will demonstrate good sportsmanship in both victory and defeat and who will pitch in to make the club the very best it can be. This club has folks from all over the world, who lead very different lives beyond the fantasy football hobby and yet this is our common escape from the drama of the real world.

Long live Roster Wars!

Our Membership

A club is only as strong as its members and the activity level of this group dwarfs that of average fantasy football leagues.  Our ever growing membership visits our site(s) every day and some of them many times each day and the contributions put forth by many of them to make this place what it is today is something to behold.

The high expectations of this club have yielded high results when it comes to our owners. Valid lineups, responses to trade offers and personal contributions are just the beginning around here and it's why not only is the competition fierce, but the overall respect our members have for each other is something you won't find anywhere else.

Winning here means something.  There are no weak links here.

The Tales of War

Behind every champion there is a story. A story not only of the fight, but the good and the bad breaks along the way, the support of the fans and of the odyssey to get to the final fight and those left behind in the wake of what it takes to become a war hero.

These are those stories.


How else would you describe the teams that have not only earned their way into this club but survived the onslaught and were crowned champion? There are some things in this world that money cannot buy and being a World War Hero is one of those things.

It's here that we honor those heroes



In life there are good days and bad, victories and defeat but you dust yourself off and start anew and leave the past behind.  Not here.  We commemorate failure forever so nobody will ever forget the shame you have brought upon your family name.

The worst team through the regular season each year has their team colors stripped for one season. They are mocked appropriately.