After many months of construction and several more months of collaboration between Roster Wars President Andrew and owners Shawn (Colorado Screaming Eagles) and Matt (Minnesota Destroyers) the club opened it’s doors on January 1st, 2012.

It took about three and half months to find our Original 24 owners.
The league started with an auction draft on April 29th, 2012 after which owners had to assign contracts to their players. The bylaw governing this initial auction wERE then stowed away since it was no longer pertinent to the league.

When the dust settled in December of 2012, our first champion was the Wyoming Headhunters.
The worst team throughout the regular season was the New Mexico Mad Clowns.


During the January Owners Meeting of 2013, a key change that was made was how proposals themselves were to be approved. Going forward, when proposals required a vote it would now take 75% approval to pass a new rule instead of just a majority vote.  A NFL Confidence side pool game was adopted while a Fantasy Confidence Pool and Skins game were REJECTED.  The SINGLE-ELIMINATION Survivor side game was voted to have double-elimination GOING FORWARD.   Roster Wars President Andrew took sole control over whether a prospect was granted ownership in the club.

When THE offseason was all said and done, four original league owners would be gone and replaced.  The New Berlin Blitzkrieg replaced the New Mexico Mad Clowns (who should have been PINK).  The Devils Tower Outlaws replaced the St. Louis Duffers.  The Baja Beatniks replaced the Omega City Legends.  The Kane County Goon Squad replaced the San Diego Killers.  Then almost immediately as the 2013 season got underway, the Colorado Screaming Eagles made the decision to leave the club for personal reasons.  We made the decision to have an owner from the other conference manage the team in the interim with any prize money earned being donated to our progressive pot until a proper new owner could be found.  Eventually a new owner, Steve, was given the abandoned team at no cost with the same terms of prize money being donated to the Progressive Pot until the conclusion of the 2013 season, at which time the team would officially be turned over to him.

At the end of 2013, the Chicago Crime Syndicate were crowned champions and the Decatur Demons, having won zero games all season had earned PINK for the next season.


During the January Owners Meeting the owners penalties which had previously been decided based on dice rolls and multipliers was transformed into a fixeD tiered system. All franchises also gained the ability to trade players with expired contracts at the conclusion of the season without restriction.

Before the 2014 season would get underway, we saw new owners TO four franchises. The Cybertron Screamers replaced the New Berlin Blitzkrieg. The Vegas Beach Tiger Sharks replaced the Wyoming Headhunters. The Luxembourg Miners officially took over for the Colorado Screaming Eagles after having managed the team for MOST of 2013. The Naperville Divine replaced the Minnesota Destroyers.

When all was said and done, the Chicago Crime Syndicate had repeated as champions fueled by what many said were some terrible trades by owners no longer in the league.  The Las Vegas Degenerates were one of four teams that went 3-9 that season but as the one with the fewest points, had earned PINK for the next season.


A contest run by the now-defunct officially voted Roster Wars the "Best Dynasty League in the World" after the owners of this club bombarded the website with entries and comments backing up the entry. This created a small boom of league friends and prospects and helped fuel the creation of Roster Wars Training Camp (RWTC) which was a redraft version of our main league.

The January Owners Meeting got the RFA period pushed back to April 1st from March 1st and thus the tag deadline was moved to march 31st to correspond. A Survey side game was added and a day of blind bidding was added right after our annual draft before the offseason FCFS period begins.

By the time 2015 would get underway, we would have five new owners, one of them a returning original owner (Shawn) and yet another owner would be replaced before the season would conclude. The Littleton Silverballers replaced the Vegas Beach Tiger Sharks. The Muskego Muskies replaced the Luxembourg Miners. The Morrison Minions replaced the Carolina Werewolves.

The California Nightmare replaced the Chicago Crime Syndicate. The question has often been asked why a two-time champion would exit a league so we'll just include the explanation spelled out in our bylaws if the RWP determines that an owners presence is detrimental to the club they may be removed. Many attempts were made to solve an issue between two owners and this OWNER, HAVING BEEN THE COMMON DENOMINATOR IN SEVERAL ISSUES,  WAS UNWILLING TO MAKE AN ADJUSTMENTS SO FINALLY HE WAS REMOVED.  tHE DECISION HAS NEVER BEEN REGRETTED.

History was truly made as Roster Wars saw its first female owner and first group of co-owners all in one swoop as Carla and Brian brought the Kingdom City Growlers to replace the Utah Spazz.

Another first in 2015 was the dispersal draft held as two "new" owners in the Terrible Twelve opted to draft squads from the assets of the two open franchises. The two teams were the California Nightmare and the Morrison Minions.

When the 2015 season was completed, the England Dragons who had been dominant for years were finally crowned a champion.   After going just 2-10, the former Demons franchise (now named the Freakshow) had earned PINK for the second time.


At the January Owners Meeting, an emphasis was put onto everyone contributing to the extent that it is now a requirement.  A detailed list of the offenses that will result in an owner penalty was formed and added to our bylaws.  Penalties went from a 2 year rolling calendar to a 1 year rolling calendar.  The Transition Tag was expanded from only including a second round pick option to having options for 3rd, 4th and 5th round pick versions.   A new tag was added to the options for restricted free agents, the Compensatory Tag (CT).  The ProBowl in Week 17 was also added to our league events.

By the time the  2016 season begins, we have 5 changes in ownership.  The Singapore Slings resigned and were replaced by the Bergen Brawlers.  the previously co-owned franchise, the Kingdom City Growlers were disbanded and the league decides it will no longer allow teams to be co-owned because there are too many sticky situations that can arise from it.  The Growlers team is turned over to Carla, who was hands down the most active of the two owners, and she renamed her team the Indiana Mayhem.  The Titletown Tyrants replaced the Cybertron Screamers.  The Oaktown Malosos replaced the Baja Beatniks who resigned abruptly.  The New England Nineties also resigned and the North Wales Knights took their spot.

When the dust settled on the 2016 season, the Whiskey Creek Gadabouts were our champions and the Las Vegas Degenerates had once again earned their way into the PINK shame for a year. They were named Dos Faces Degenitals.


The January Owners Meeting was busy once again. The aim was to improve, yet simplify. Club Credits and the Warbucks for posts program were discontinued. The yearly Warbuck stipend was increased a bit to compensate for that change. Practice Squads were added to allow for more value to late round draft picks and give owners the ability to stash fringe players they liked. Progressive payout triggers for being a repeat or three-peat champion were removed. A progressive pot payout was added for Biggest Score in a loss all-time. Missed extra points were changed from a -2 to a -1 score. The deadline for paying a penalty was changed from "Fridays" to "5 days from the date issued". In Stage one of RFA, owners may not bid at all unless they are initiating auctions. Owners are no longer allowed to start an auction on their own player. A new Activity Tracker was put into place to rank owners on how they handle league business and we started the Roster Wars Minor League, which is a simplified version of the Big League to allow for new folks to get involved faster and to show what they have which will allow for the Big League to fill vacancies with the truly best candidates.

Since the conclusion of the 2016 season, three owners (Outlaws, Marauders and Minions) have resigned. The Freakshow have stepped away for health concerns as well and they hope to return in the future. The Nevada Nighthawks replaced the Outlaws. The Maple Grove Mean Machine replaced the Freakshow, the Rocky Mountain Oysters replaced the Morrison Minions, the Charm City Justice replaced the Mohawk Ridge Marauders and these three teams participated in a dispersal draft for the assets of those franchises.

In the end, Carla and her Indiana Mayhem bested us all ending with the Hamilton SteelCats to capture her first title. The California Nightmare, having gone 1-11 earned a tour in PINK and were renamed the GoldenShower STATE Wet Dreams.


The year 2018 kicked off with a first for Roster Wars as all 24 Main League owners returned to start the season.  The newly implemented practice squad was a hot topic during the January Owner's Meeting as rules were tweaked to allow free promotion during the contract assignment period and a cost of 5WB was assigned to a Poaching Team giving a 1-year deal.  Proposals to expand the practice squad, remove the trading deadline and to allow suspended players to be placed on injured reserve were defeated.
The Minor League saw seven new owners and two dispersal drafts.  The Cyclone City Falcons, Coachella Tremors, CryptoTown Deliverers and Detroit Disco Lemonade joined the Promising Prospects Conference replacing the Faber College Mongols, MobTown Ravens, Valhalla Viktors and Andromeda Afterglow.  Meanwhile, the ToonTown Warlocks, Windy City Blitz and Las Vegas Juggalos joined the Rising Rookies Conference to replace the Kalamazoo Nukes, Carolina Werewolves and North Carolina Cobras.  A sudden departure of the Manhattan Beach Patriots after the dispersal drafts were concluded led to the Rising Rookies Conference also gaining the Florida Chaetomorpha as Main League owner Stylianos stepped up to take on the vacant franchise.