After numerous fights, two fortunate souls get to decide the outcome of the war. On these walls, we commemorate those teams that stepped out onto the field of battle to decide it all. In the moment Al Davis would tell you "Just win baby!" but looking back it's how they got to BE the game.


In the winter of 2012 the Headhunters faced off against the SteelCats for the inaugural World War to decide who would be champion of the new league.  Having two players in common, LB James Laurainitis and S Corey Graham, it was really a 20-on-20 match to decide who was the best. 

Along with S Quintin Mikell (30 pts) and RB Marshawn Lynch (27 pts), the Headhunters duo of QB Peyton Manning (26.56 pts) and Demaryius Thomas (25.20 pts) left it all out on the field when it mattered.  In fact the entire team delivered with just four players in single digits (barely I might add).

The SteelCats didn't perform poorly, in fact their score was totally respectable but they just didn't have everyone firing on all cyclinders the way the Headhunters did.  The good news is the top scorer of the Headhunters was Laurainitis whom they shared but the bad news is that the SteelCats had seven players in single digits (three of which were sub-5 points).

Final score:

Wyoming Headhunters 389.86

Hamilton SteelCats 326.12


In a league with twenty-four teams one would think it would be pretty difficult to get to the championship in consecutive years but that's just what the Wyoming Headhunters did, this time to face the Chicago Crime Syndicate.

The teams shared just WR Danny Amendola so the battle would be 21 vs 21 for the second title of Roster Wars.

This time, the Headhunters players stumbled mightily with nine players in single digits.  QB Peyton Manning was rockin' with a 34.70 point effort and RB Jamaal Charles had a good day but then it was a bunch of mediocre.

For the Crime Syndicate, what wasn't enough for the SteelCats a year prior would be enough to capture the title in 2013.  Having seven players in single digits as well is scary but LB Luke Kuechly came up huge with 43 points and easily won the match for the Crime Syndicate.

Final score:

Wyoming Headhunters 307.68

Chicago Crime Syndicate 324.04


Not clear if the loss in last years World War caused the Wyoming Headhunters to run away or not, but they're gone so a new team emerges from the Dastardly Dozen conference in the form of the Atlanta Africans.  From the Terrible Twelve conference, the reigning champions the Chicago Crime Syndicate.  With three common players, the match will be 19-on-19.

The Atlanta Africans had just five players in single digits which sounds like a decent outing but the problem was nearly everyone else barely was in double digits.  Nobody reached 25 points.

As for the Chicago Crime Syndicate, they actually had more players in single digits (6) and their top scorer was just 26 points from LB Jamie Collins but the rest had just a bit more in the tank than their opposition leading the team to repeat as champions.

An odd pattern has formed.  In year two, the winning score was basically the losing score from year one.  This year, the winning score is almost exactly last years losing score.  Could it possibly continue?

Final score:

Atlanta Africans 285.74

Chicago Crime Syndicate 307.76


Two new faces emerge for World War 4 and since no past champions remain in the league, one has to ask is winning this league a curse? These two owners will certainly put that to the test.

The England Dragons, having been a force since day one of the league are finally gonna get their chance and facing them is the San Francisco Golddiggers. They share WR Brandin Cooks and CB Marcus Peters so 20 vs 20 this year.

The Dragons had just four players in single digits. They had three score 20+ and three scored 30+ in what really was as solid of an outing as anyone could hope for in any week, let alone the championship.

As for the Golddiggers, they forgot their shovel at home it would appear. Scoring almost exactly what the Africans did last year when eight players failed to reach double digits and really outside of LB Sean Lee, nobody performed very well.

Final score:

England Dragons 366.32

San Francisco Golddiggers 286.90


In World War 5, once again we see two new faces.  The Whiskey Creek Gadabouts from the Dastardly Dozen conference and the Philadelphia Pigskins from the Terrible Twelve conference.  Sharing two players, a cornerback and star RB Le'Veon Bell, the teams will go 20-on-20 to see who has the best team behind him.

The Gadabouts had five players go single digits on them but countered with seven going 20+ and star WR Jordy Nelson went off for 36.40 points in what can only be called a stout team performance.

The Pigskins had seven players in single digits but also had seven going 20+ but didn't see any 30+ to counter Nelsons day.  Really solid result but inconsistent workload amongst the players with too many not delivering to keep pace.

Final score:

Whiskey Creek Gadabouts 347.06

Philadelphia Pigskins 323.02


The Hamilton SteelCats have returned!  Actually they never left but after being so close in year one, they have to be eager to fix the wrong.  On the other side a new face and ooh it's a lady!  The teams share just one player, stud DT Ndamukong Suh which is good because he choked in this game which means nobody cares since the other 21 vs 21 is what matters.

The Indiana Mayhem had a whopping eight players in single digits and just three going 20+, most notably the oddball RB Dion Lewis who easily had the best game of his season (34.02).

As for the SteelCats, the four players that went 20+ including S Harrison Smith (33.70 pts) sounds promising but it was the TEN players who failed to get out of single digits that were their undoing.  For Todd's sake, may their third visit be the one.

Final score:

Indiana Mayhem 295.06

Hamilton SteelCats 264.72